SHIATSU with Emilie Salaberri


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Practitioner of therapeutic Shiatsu, graduate from a therapeutic Shiatsu school in Paris (E.S.T.  for whom Bernard Bouheret is the founder), Emilie is a former Human Resources Director and has always been interested in the positive evolution of humans.


Shiatsu is the outcome of her interest and curiosity in Far Eastern medicine (complementary to modern medicine practices). This holistic practice is a manual therapy that uses rhythmic pressures on the body. Shiatsu is derived from the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, especially in it’s use of meridians.


Some benefits of Shiatsu :

  • Regain physical, emotional and psychological balance by working to restore energy circulation with the help of pressure points

  • Regulate emotions

  • Reduce body tension

  • Decrease pain

  • upport throughout life changes


Since 2016, Emilie has participated in teaching missions to different countries to promote Shiatsu and solidarity in India and Peru to local populations. She also practices in hospitals as a member of the AIST (International Association of Shiatsu Therapeutics).



A Shiatsu session always begin with an anamnesis, checking the persons pulse before starting the Shiatsu protocol. Several forms of Shiatsu are practiced, depending on the persons needs or requests. Shiatsu is practiced on the ground, lying on a futon. A seated practice is possible for people who cannot lie down. Shiatsu is practiced while dressed. It is recommended to wear something loose and comfortable.


FEES: 70 euros

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