You will surely agree that we feel better when we are connected, both physically and emotionally.

Naturopathy is a solution for our wellbeing. It teaches us how to stimulate our body’s natural defences, to draw on our own resources and to listen to our body in order to find our own balance.

Because understanding what you need is fundamental

to having the confidence to manage your own health.

It’s also a way of waking up to our responsibilities as members of society -  to think about our food choices, to be conscious of their effect on our environment and the world in which we live.

With its aim of prevention, Naturopathy, in the same vein as Chinese medicine or Ayurvedic practice, is recognised as a complementary medicine by the World Health Organisation.

In conjunction with modern medicine Naturopathy may help you with:

  • fertility

  • perinatal care

  • balancing hormones (thyroid, adrenal)

  • auto immune diseases

  • diabetes types 1 et 2

  • chronic health problems

  • children's health problems

  • allergies

  • eczema and asthma

  • stress, burnout, fatigue

  • addiction dependence

  • digestive problems

  • detoxing

  • weight problems

  • sleep problemsl

  • migraine

 Non-exhaustive list

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