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Jenni helps individuals and companies achieve their goals from the inside out, with the understanding that human nature is at the core of every habit, plan and business concern. 

She works as a strategist and wellness advisor, melding 12 years experience in brand, content and design thinking with 8 years in mindfulness, meditation, qi gong and holistic living. Through creative problem solving, ideation and tactical analysis she helps individuals monetise their talents and businesses to increase productivity, reach new audiences and boost sales. 

As a wellness advisor, she creates optimal work environments and event experiences, and helps executives and employees enhance their creativity, re-energise their physical and mental state and increase their emotional intelligence.

Jenni has consulted for the likes of Maybelline, New York Fashion Week and TEDxWomen, spoken on mindful leadership and corporate wellbeing for Ralph Lauren, Palantir and Viacom, led meditations at TEDActive, Worktech and for Lululemon’s Healthy on the Hudson series, and guided over 200 corporate meditation sessions for companies such as Spotify, Airbnb, Dentons, WeWork and Kickstarter. 

Her classes pair time-honored meditation traditions with the latest scientific studies and perspectives from art and travel, providing sessions that are simple, accessible and non-sectarian. 

Jenni began her mindfulness training in Sydney, Australia under the tutelage of a Buddhist monk, and furthered her study with retreats in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia and Bali. She recently settled in Paris, after two years living nomadically and five in New York.



L'Antidote à la Vie Urbaine.

Qi Gong and Mindfulness Meditation are presented together in a one hour session that remedies the mental and physical challenges that arise from urban living.

This tailored mix of mindfulness practices offers a comprehensive toolkit of tips and tricks that can be applied anytime, anywhere.

Each class you’ll learn techniques to: 

  • Relieve stress and improve the immune system

  • Boost focus and productivity

  • Re-energize your physical and mental state during the workday 

  • Achieve emotional balance and inner calm

  • Repair sleep issues

  • Enhance innovation and creativity 


You’ll immediately feel the benefits of the practice, all while setting the foundations for lasting physical and psychological transformation. 

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice. It’s a gentle yet dynamic form of exercise that combines breathing techniques with physical movement to increase vitality and create harmony within the body. 

Mindfulness Meditation is a multi-sensory technique that teaches you how to utilize awareness of inner and outer experiences to reset your state of being.

Previous experience is not required. Please wear clothing you can comfortably sit cross-legged in. 

More information:


(Course in English with few instructions in French).

DURATION: 1h / up to 10 people

FEES: 20 euros

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