HYPNOTHERAPY with William Salama

William Salama, 49, spent the first part of his professional life watching and analysing opinions and the media.

​In 2015 he studied under a master hypnotist which led naturally to a desire to practise this discipline on himself and his family and friends and ultimately, from 2016, with his own clients.

​His approach encompasses various techniques: Ericksonian hypnosis, classic hypnosis, PNL, EFT and ocular movement.

​The therapeutic benefits of hypnosis are numerous (fears, anxiety, behavioural problems), addictions (tobacco, alcohol, food), or chronic pain management, personal development, help with pregnancy…

Siret - 509 608 246 RCS Paris


06 99 64 39 96


-  The client’s account of their medical history during which the therapist and client discuss the desired objectives.

-  The hypnotism session, during which the therapist delivers his suggestions and uses techniques which will initiate resolution of the client’s problem and , in time, heal him/her.

-  The debrief, during which the therapist and client discuss effectiveness of the session.

More information: www.soin-et-hypnose.com

DURATION: initial consultation: 1h30 /  follow-up consultations: 1h

FEES:  90 euros 

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