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with Dominique Gassin


"The intelligence of the body is undeniable

it is constantly searching for its equilibrium."


With compassion and respect, Dominique helps her clients tap into their own resources and inner strength. She uses an holistic approach to health to discover with her clients existing imbalances, strengths and weaknesses. Physiological explanation, an in-depth discussion about the clients health history and a physical examination enable a better understanding of the body's reactions and which changes make the most sense.


Particularly sensitive to the consequences of our modern way of life on our delicate hormonal balance, Dominique focuses on achieving harmony

and fulfilment through good nutrition, stress management

and a re-appropriation of one’s own body.


Working with a Naturopath can lead to better sleep, more energy, a peaceful mind, reduced stress, better digestion as well as an improved complexion.


Finally, instilling in children the importance of their health, is a subject dear to Dominique’s heart, she suggests simple measures and explanations to help children learn to respect their bodies and the planet from

an early age - the essence of prevention.


Dominique is a practitioner of health and Naturopathy (ISUPNAT - Institut Supérieur de la Naturopathie de Paris), and a Certified Member of  FENA and Member of OMNES.

The consultation

It's a moment of exchange ​

During the first appointment, Dominique will work with you to assess your eating habits, physical activities as well as your emotional and mental state.  You identify together areas for improvement and put together a plan of action to address your health concerns. 


You will come away with a personalised program. This will be adapted to your daily life with practical recommendations, simple to apply in your daily routine or with a more targeted approach to assist you in realising your objectives.


According to your needs, Dominique can set up a series of consultations to coach you into meeting your long-term well-being and health goals.

Videos consultations available for new & returning patients worldwide

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& Wellness

Naturopathy consultation - 1h15 - 150€

Follow-up consultation - 45 min - 100€

Children’s consultation - 45 mins - 100€


One on one intervention to help with stress management and improve balance and productivity


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Content creation, guidance and consulting. Recipe and menu development 

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Any session not honoured and not cancelled 24 hours in advance  will be invoiced.

Do not hesitate to cancel if necessary, other clientes may benefits from this time slot .

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