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with Béatrice des Ligneris


Armed with my DESS in psychology and my passion for humanity, I have continued to keep abreast of the ongoing evolution of knowledge in

neuro-science and personal development over the last thirty years.

For the same reason my practice has evolved to adapt to the needs

of our society.

As a psych-coach, my approach allows a real understanding of behavioural mechanisms by way of a combination of substantive and dynamic tools.

Giving meaning to what we live through and seeing ourselves develop

as a result of the application of such tools gives us the satisfaction of seeing the desired habits develop in a long lasting way.

Trained in theatre and drama, I use role play, visualisation, relaxation and breath during coaching and training (public speaking, managing emotions,

non-violent communication, preparation for competition).

I also act as a mediator in delicate situations (blockages and lack

of understanding In professional, family or social situations).

I have always worked in conjunction with other professionals, convinced

of the importance of a diversity of points of view and exchange of knowledge. That is what Yellow is all about: the values and the welcoming dynamism of its founder, Dominique Gassin, complement my own beliefs.

The consultation

The consultation starts with a discussion during which you outline your personal circumstances.
Once your expectations have been clearly defined,

in a creative and fluid way we will work out

an individualised plan.

Armed with different tools and effective strategies, as well as the the ability to look at your past experience through new eyes, you will discover how to use your own abilities to effect beneficial and long-lasting change. 


1h including 50 'of maintenance and 10' of logistics
the proposed duration can be from 1h30 to 2h depending on your availability or your geographic location.
It is also possible to work remotely, once the first meeting has been completed.

The number of sessions varies according to each issue and all of your needs.


100€ for 1h

150€ for 1h30

200€ for 2h

Any session not honoured and not cancelled 24 hours in advance  will be invoiced.

Do not hesitate to cancel if necessary, other clientes may benefits from this time slot .

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