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Let's get better


« Yellow is the vision of a small group

of therapists who have come together

to accompany you on your holistic health

journey in a friendly and caring environment. »

Dominique Gassin,

a Naturopath & founder of Yellow


"I am passionate about being able to pass on the information – allowing you to take over, to understand your own needs and to take action to optimise your own health.

And because we are often more effective as part of a group, I have brought together

experts from other disciplines.

We are therefore able to offer you individualised, made-to-measure programs.

Our objective is to accompany you, in a holistic approach to your health.


We have created a joyful and positive space, a space where it is possible to learn
through the exchange of ideas and passions enriched by visiting specialists
or inspirational people from other domains.

Having grown-up in Melbourne, Dominique’s family taught her the basics of a healthy life

good food, plenty of sport and joy above all.

Her first consultation with a Naturopath acted as a catalyst.

Dominique began her studies in Australia and later obtained her Diploma of Naturopathy at the ISUPNAT, in Paris France.  

Her extensive travels and the birth
of her children have enriched her practice and her passion

for her profession.

In 2016 she opened with her family, a restaurant in the sixth arrondissement of Paris: Judy (named after her mum)
 where she works with the chef to create a menu that respects the qualitarian philosophy based on organically grown local produce. 

Dominique also organises workshops and guest speakers, helping to share her vision of a qualitarian way of life

"An approach where we choose what is best

for ourselves, others and the planet"


"best for ourselves, others & the planet "

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