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Workshops & Events

carr rose

Organized in small groups (12 people maximum). 

We believe it’s important to create moments and to make space for each other in an intimate and relaxed environment.


We invite experts, therapists and inspirational personalities to Yellow, and to Judy to discuss a wide variety of subjects from natural health live-talks to personal development programs, wellness workshops, meditation courses and much more.

Some examples of our workshops are :

  • How to overcome our fears and reach our true potential?

  • Naturopathy for children

  • Springtime detox using naturopathy and reflexology

  • Stop sugar addiction


We are open to suggestions for our upcoming workshops so don’t hesitate to share your ideas with one of our therapists.  

Occasionally we’ll also organize live-talks at Yellow or Judy's: conferences on  specific themes. (naturopathy, natural contraception, fasting, zero waste ... )

healing & wellness 

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